PS-GP Granier (TDP) sap flow sensor

PS-GP Granier (TDP) sap flow sensor

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Brand Name︰PlantSensors

Country of Origin︰Australia

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Minimum Order︰1 sensor

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Specifications︰ Standard Granier (TDP) sap flow sensor probes are of 33-mm long with its distal 20mm as effective sensing part.

PlantSensors also supply sensor probes of special length as below:
33mm long probe with 10mm long sensing part;
50mm long probe with 20mm long sensing part;
90mm long probe with 20mm long sensing part.

These range of sensors can cover the sapwood depth from 0-9cm.

Advantages︰ Truly Granier's original design (Granier 1985), the PlantSensors probes can be directly hooked up to a data logger.

Export Markets︰ worldwide

Pricing︰ most competitive price guaranteed- please inquiry

Payment Details︰ bank transfer, credit card,

Min Order︰ 1

Ship Date︰ 3-5 days

Standard Met︰ Publication by Granier (1985, 1987) & Lu et al (2004)

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